Law Practice Insurance

As a lawyer, your profession is to protect your clients. But you also need to properly protect yourself against possible malpractice claims. No lawyer or law firm is immune to malpractice claims. If a lawsuit occurs, you face defense expenses on one side and potentially large settlements or jury verdicts on the other side.

Bozzuto & Associates is vastly experienced with insurance providers that specialize in lawyer’s professional liability. We can help provide a detailed review of your current professional liability policy and compare to alternative insurance programs specializing in lawyer’s professional liability. Here is a brief list of some of the coverage’s we can secure for your firm:

  • Softened Hammer Clause
  • Mediation Credit up to 50% of the Deductible
  • Unlimited Retiree Tail
  • Manuscript Endorsements to Craft Insurance Policies to Meet the Needs of Individual Law Firms
  • First Dollar Defense
  • Mutual Choice of Counsel
  • Aggregate Deductible Option

Our professional team can help you through your insurance assessment. Give us a call for a full evaluation of your firm.

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